Plastic Surgery

This is a September Application Cycle specialty. Click Here for timeline information.
The program directors group in Plastic Surgery has introduced a new standard letter of recommendation form for applicants applying in Plastic Surgery. This form needs to be attached to the printed ERAS Letter Request Form. Also, you will need to carefully add the ERAS Letter ID from the ERAS Letter Request Form to your Plastic Surgery Residency Recommendation Form before submitting it to the letter author.

A copy of the Plastic Surgery Residency Recommendation Form can be obtained at the following link: Recommendation Form

Also note that you may apply to both Plastic Surgery Integrated and Plastic Surgery programs via ERAS. Be sure to contact programs directly for specific information regarding their training programs. Visit http://www.acgme.org/Specialties/Overview/pfcatid/19 for more information.

New Programs Osteopathic Recognized Programs

Program Name
Accreditation ID
California Sacramento University of California Davis Health Program 3600521113 Not Participating
California San Francisco University of California (San Francisco) Program 3600522012 Not Participating
Georgia Atlanta Emory University School of Medicine Program 3601221024 Not Participating
Michigan Detroit Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University Program 3602521043 Not Participating
New Hampshire Lebanon Dartmouth-Hitchcock/Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital Program 3603221129 Not Participating
New Jersey Camden Cooper Medical School of Rowan University/Cooper University Hospital Program 3603321132 Not Participating
New York New York NYU Grossman School of Medicine Program 3603521066 Not Participating
Ohio Columbus Ohio State University Hospital Program 3603821081 Participating
Pennsylvania Philadelphia Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Program  Osteopathic Recognized! 3604100144 Unregistered
Virginia Charlottesville University of Virginia Medical Center Program 3605111104 Not Participating
10 Programs
1 Unregistered
1 Participating
8 Not Participating

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