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Program Fact Sheet
    Repayment/ New Hampshire

Name of Program:

New Hampshire State Loan Repayment Program

Program Web site:


Designation (Fund Source):


Eligible Specialties:

MD, DO, DMD/DDS, Licensed Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Nurse Midwives, Licensed Physician Assistants, Registered Clinical Dental Hygienists, Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Psychiatric Nurse Specialists, Licensed Professional Counselors, Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Masters Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors, and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Private Practice Dentists in eligible priority areas, Hospitalists at Critical Access Hospitals (only), Primary Care Registered Nurses, and certain Behavioral Health providers under supervision toward licensure.

Service Requirements (formerly Service Stipulation):

Be willing to commit to a three-year contract (full-time) or a two-year contract (part-time) with the State of New Hampshire to work at an eligible facility listed on the website.

Who Can Apply:

Must be a US Citizen, hold a current and unrestricted New Hampshire License/Certification and work in an eligible facility or area.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are reviewed quarterly. Quarterly applications deadlines are: March 15 (for July 1 start), June 15 (for October 1 start), September 15 (for January 1 start) and December 15 (for April 1 start).

Repayment/Scholarship terms:

See policies and guidelines on the website.

Amount of repayment per year of service:

Full-time primary care physicians, dentists, and psychiatrists for $75,000 for 3-year commitment, full-time licensed healthcare professionals for $45,000, and full-time dental hygienists, licensed alcohol and drug counselors, primary care RNs for $30,000. Part-time primary care physicians, dentists and psychiatrists for $27,500 for 2-year commitment, part-time licensed healthcare professionals for $17,500, and part-time dental hygienists, licensed alcohol and drug counselors and primary care RNs for $12,500.

How to Apply:

See website

Additional Information/Comments:

Must agree to repay the State for breach of service, if loan repayment contract terms aren't fulfilled. Quarterly verifications of compliance are performed with employers.

Contact person(s):

Name, title:

Jan  Wainwright,  Primary Care Workforce Program Specialist

Agency name:

Division of Public Health Services, NH Department of Health and Human Services


29 Hazen Drive,
Concord, NH 03301


(603) 271-2276





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