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About the AMCAS Letter Writer Application

The Letter Writer Application enables letter writers to upload PDF documents to AMCAS rather than send letters via the mail. Once the PDF document is uploaded to the Letter Writer Application and after the processing of the AMCAS application the documents are made available to the medical schools designated by the applicant. Please click 'Help' after logging into the Letter Writer Application for instructions on uploading letters, or click HERE for a link to our public site which also contains detailed instructions.

The AAMC has established a centralized set of guidelines for letter writers. Please be sure to review these guidelines at when writing letters of recommendation for applicants to medical schools.

About AAMC User Accounts

All major AAMC applications, such as AIS, AMCAS, MCAT THx, and the Fee Assistance Program use the same usernames and passwords. If you have used one of these systems please enter that username and password in the boxes to the left. Each user needs a separate AAMC account and you will need to register if you are uploading for an AMCAS applicant as you cannot use your applicant's/student's AAMC ID and password to upload documents.

Note: Medical schools may require your letters to be on official letterhead and include your signature.